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proteccion virus pintura y spray



We protect all types of surfaces

Paint and transparent coating
Antiviral Protection SL, is a biotechnological company created in 2020 that is dedicated to the development of antimicrobial paint and coatings with the aim of protecting all types of surfaces against harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Long lasting protection after its application.
These coatings keep surfaces completely protected permanently, as well as saving costs and reducing the use of harmful chemicals for disinfection. These coatings have a unique patented traceability system, capable of demonstrating antimicrobial effectiveness on an ongoing basis.
Common disinfection systems do not provide safety for professionals and users since there is no residual activity. They are only effective on the moment of their application and the effective application cannot be verified throughout the surfaces. Subsequently, and after a few minutes, the surfaces are exposed again to be contaminated.

Provide preventive solutions on surfaces and hands, developing innovative, effective and easily detectable products.

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